How to drain spa into pool

Can I drain my hot tub into my pool?

The simple answer is: Yes, you can drain a hot tub into a pool. Most in-ground pools only require draining every 5 to 7 years, so draining your hot tub into the pool can prove to be resourceful while lowering your sewer costs. Pool chemicals and filters are much stronger and aggressive than hot tub spas.

Where do you drain the water in a hot tub?

Most portable hot tubs drain by gravity from a valve at the bottom of the spa that can connect to a garden hose. Using the hose, you can apply the water where it’s needed directly, however, it only works if you’re level with the hot tub or downhill from it.

How do you get water out of the bottom of a hot tub?

How to Drain Hot Tub Completely? The only way to remove every drop of water from your hot tub is using a wet and dry vacuum. You can then suck all the water out from every jet and the small residue left in the footwell by the submersible pump.

Why did my spa drain into my pool?

Normally if a pool system is perfect, it’s sealed so that the water won’t drain out from the pump or anywhere else when it shuts off, but if there’s an air leak, it loses that seal and everything floods back to the pool. That’s another reason why your spa could drain out.

Is chlorinated water bad for grass?

Chlorine Has No Damaging Effect On Grass In Small Amounts

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Most soils are capable of withstanding chlorine at high acid levels. So your kids splashing water on your lawn as they get in and out of the pool is not a cause for concern.

How often should you drain your hot tub?

about three to four times a year

How do you drain a hot tub fast?

Another fast method for draining a hot tub is using a wet/dry vacuum to get a siphon started. Drop one end of a long vacuum hose into the spa, and connect the other end to the wet/dry vacuum. Turn it on for a few seconds – just long enough to let the hose prime and get the flow moving.

How do you clean a hot tub without draining it?

How to Clean a Hot Tub without Draining

  1. RECYCLE THE HOT TUB INTO THE POOL. This option only works if you also have a swimming pool, or can borrow a neighbor’s pool. …
  5. Balance the Spa Water and Shock. …

Can I use my hot tub water on the garden?

For your question, “Can I water my plants with hot tub water?” The answer is yes, but first test Chlorine, pH, bromine and salt levels in the spa water prior to watering your plants and lawn. … Spa water that uses salt systems should not be put on plants. Even low levels of salt can cause damage.

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Is it OK to put a hot tub indoors?

Can you put a hot tub inside? Yes, you can have a hot tub inside. Hot tubs can be installed either outdoors or inside a house. In fact, it’s sometimes easier to install your hot tub indoors when compared to outdoors, but of course, the experience will be different depending on whether your tub is outside or inside.

What do you do when your hot tub drains water?

Hot Tub Water >>>

  1. Water your lawn. …
  2. Water your trees and bushes. …
  3. Water your home foundation. …
  4. Pump it into your pool. …
  5. Pump it into a doggy pool. …
  6. Wash your car or boat. …
  7. Maintain optimum water balance. …
  8. Shower before using your spa.

How do I get rid of yellow stains in my hot tub?


  1. Baking Soda – Use a damp cloth with powdered baking soda to tackle soap scum stains. …
  2. Vinegar – Mix white vinegar and water to clean off hard water stains and deodorize your tub.
  3. Cleaners – Purchase stain removers designed specifically to tackle hot tub stains and protect the balance of your spa chemicals.

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