How to remove impeller from spa pump

How do I remove a stuck outboard impeller?

Hi Tore, just give it a tap with a hammer on the hub in between the blades while holding the driveshaft-it will dislodge the impeller and easy to remove then. Re-fit new one with grease.

How do you free a stuck pool pump impeller?

How do you fix a clogged pump impeller?

  1. Turn off the electricity running to the pump motor at your circuit breaker. …
  2. Remove the pump basket lid and the pump basket.
  3. You can use a bent coat hanger or just your fingers to reach into the impeller. …
  4. Pull out anything you find and clean your hook now and again.

How do I know if my pool pump impeller is bad?

How to Tell if Your Pump Impeller is Clogged

  1. The pump is making cavitation noises – loud, low grinding noise.
  2. The filter pressure is about half of what it normally reads.
  3. The pump basket doesn’t fill up with water (as seen through a clear lid).
  4. The water in pump is slowly moving, or swirling.

How long do spa pumps last?

5 to 10 years

Do I need a circulation pump on my hot tub?

The Circ Pump ensures that your water is moving and clean. While you can still purchase a hot tub without a Circ Pump, our hot tub experts at The Spa and Sauna Company recommend that you purchase a hot tub with some sort of filtration system. Hot Tubs without a Circ Pump often use a two-speed pump.

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