How to replace a spa pump

How much does it cost to replace a spa pump?

If you decide your hot tub pump is having problems, you should budget about $200 to $500 for repairs. There are a few common signs the pump is having issues, including: No water coming out of the jets.

Are hot tub pumps interchangeable?

Most spas will be the same size for both the intake and outtake pipe, but double check just in case. Most spa pumps use 1.5” or 2” plumbing fittings. With all this information in hand, you should be able to select a new hot tub pump as a replacement.

How do you remove a spa pump from a motor?

Take a slotted screwdriver, and insert it into the rear of the motor shaft (you may have to remove a cover plate), to hold the shaft stationary. Now spin off the impeller (counter clockwise). If it’s stubborn, you can use a pair of large Channel Lock type pliers, to assist in removing the impeller from the shaft.

How long do spa pumps last?

5 to 10 years

Is it worth fixing a hot tub?

A well made hot tub should last around 10-15 years. If your hot tub is only 5 or 6 years old, it almost always makes sense to repair it as you should have at least another 5 years life out of it. On the other hand if your hot tub 15 or more years old it is likely living on borrowed time and should probably be replaced.

Does hot tub increase home value?

An in-ground hot tub may increase your home value, although generally not as much as you invested in the tub. … If removing the tub will cause extra construction to close or cover the hole in the deck, patio, wall or such, then it is considered built-in and may increase the home appraisal.

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Why does my hot tub have two pumps?

Some hot tubs have single-speed pumps, but in those cases, there are two pumps. One is called the circulation pump, which runs at a much lower speed and uses less energy than any other pumps. … The second pump would function at a higher speed to power the jets in your tub. These can be single or variable speed.

How do you flip a hot tub on its side?

If any spaces look difficult to fit through, you may need to turn the hot tub on its side. To do this, at least one person at each corner of the hot tub should lift it off the ground and rotate it, so that it is lying on one of its sides. Once you’ve done that, it will be easier to maneuver.

Do I need a circulation pump on my hot tub?

The Circ Pump ensures that your water is moving and clean. While you can still purchase a hot tub without a Circ Pump, our hot tub experts at The Spa and Sauna Company recommend that you purchase a hot tub with some sort of filtration system. Hot Tubs without a Circ Pump often use a two-speed pump.

How do you test a hot tub pump?

Close the globe valve that is located after the outlet of the filter. Open the hose bib valve so water flows out of the hose. This confirms that water is in the pump and in the piping. Now raise the hose to the same level as the water line of the hot tub.

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How long do hot tub circulation pumps last?

5-10 years

How long should a spa pump run per day?

eight hours per day

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