Spa draining into pool when pump off

Why does my spa drain when pump is off?

Finally, you could have an air leak. Normally if a pool system is perfect, it’s sealed so that the water won’t drain out from the pump or anywhere else when it shuts off, but if there’s an air leak, it loses that seal and everything floods back to the pool. That’s another reason why your spa could drain out.

Can you use your pool pump to drain the pool?

Never use your pool pump to try to drain the pool. Inevitably, you will pull air into your suction line, the pump will lose its prime, and you will damage or burn up your pump. … Remember to turn off the electricity to your pump and pool light. After draining the old water, you can refill the pool with a garden hose.

Can you leave a spa pool empty?

Keep in mind, we strongly recommend that you never leave your spa empty for a period of 2 weeks or more. Leaving your spa empty can cause damage to the pumps, heater element and shell. … If for some reason you need to empty your spa for a period longer than 2 weeks we recommend the following.

Why is the water level in my pool dropping?

No matter which season you are in, your pool can lose inches of water a week. Natural causes such as wind, heat and humidity can contribute to pool water loss. This is a big deal, because if your water level gets too low it may cause your pool pump to suck air and run dry, which can damage it.

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What is a suction side leak in a pool?

A suction side air leak is most commonly indicated by air under the pump lid. … Or the pump wont even be able to suck water, only air. In a minor case you will just see a tiny stream air bubbles under the pump lid. And in some instances you will see air bubbles come back to the pool through the return jets.

Does backwashing remove water from pool?

However, the only way to clean a sand or DE filter is with the water-guzzling method known as backwashing. In this process, you reverse the flow of pool water through the filter. … So, while your filter is losing unwanted dirt and debris—your pool is losing a ton of water.

Where does the water go when you backwash a pool?

Backwash pools directly into the private sewer cleanout on your property instead of into the storm gutter. If you are on septic and don’t have sufficient area to discharge onto your property, try the following: Hire a contractor to pump the pool water into a truck to be hauled offsite.29 мая 2018 г.

Can I drain my pool by backwashing?

It is not recommended to drain a swimming pool through the backwash valve. While sucking from the main drain and putting the water down the backwash line will work in some scenarios it puts your pool pump at risk of losing prime and running dry. … It is best to drain and refill a swimming pool as quickly as possible.

Is it OK to drain hot tub for summer?

Allowing your hot tub to sit empty during the hot summer months is no issue, as long as a cover is securely placed over the top. … Once your hot tub is drained, be sure to clean the shell of your hot tub and the filters. It is also recommended you give your hot tub another cleaning when you are ready to use it again.

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Is it cheaper to leave a hot tub on all the time?

Why are hot tubs left on all the time? Heating up a large volume of water takes time (see how long does it take to heat a hot tub?) and energy. It’s much more economical to maintain your tub’s temperature rather than heating it from scratch each time.

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