What county is ballston spa ny in

What county is Ballston Lake NY in?


What county is Malta NY in?


How far is Ballston Spa from New York City?

158 miles

What is the population of Ballston Spa NY?

5 276 (2018 г.)

Can you swim in Ballston Lake?

Our studies show that streams entering Ballston Lake from the surrounding water- shed are high in both coliform and fecal coliform with the stream draining Buell Heights being most problematic. Recent tests consistently show counts well above the maximum allowable levels.

How far is Ballston Lake?

Ballston Lake, a narrow, 3.7-mile (6.0 km)-long lake with an unknown maximum depth in the south of the region, was called “Shanantaha” by natives.

What is the zip code for Malta NY?


Is Ballston Spa a good place to live?

Ballston spa NY is a nice place to live, its quiet and crime rates are low. Everyone in the town seems to be pretty friendly. The schools are good, and there is many job opportunities.

How far is Ballston Spa from Lake George?

30.18 miles

How far is Ballston Spa from Albany?

24.52 miles

What is the population of Saratoga County New York?

229,863 (2019)

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