What is a plug and play spa

What does Plug and Play Spa mean?

Something to think about when shopping for a new hot tub is the costs of installation, primarily the electrical hook up. … With a plug and play spa you eliminate all of this as the tub comes with a simple 3 prong 110v cord that can plug into any outlet.

Can I plug my hot tub into a regular outlet?

One of the nicest things about 110v or “plug and play” hot tubs is that once it’s sitting in your backyard, all you have to do to enjoy it is fill it up and plug it in. You don’t need to hire an electrician and hard wire anything. Because it only draws 11 amps, it can be plugged into a regular outdoor outlet.

What is the best Plug and Play Spa?

Best Plug And Play Hot Tubs Reviews 2020Hot Tubs NameMaterialJetsAmerican Spas AM-511RMStainless Steel11Hudson BayAcrylic19AquaRest Spas AR-200Stainless Steel14LifeSmart Plug and Play Hot Tub and SpaEco Thermo Plastic13

Do hot tubs have to be hardwired?

For most full-sized spas or hot tubs, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires: Hard-wiring the spa into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)-protected 220 to 240V, 50- or 60-amp dedicated circuit.

Does a hot tub need to be plugged in all the time?

You need to leave it on all the time. It takes more energy to heat the hot tub than it does to leave it running all the time. So, take care in knowing that you can leave it on since it is recommended to do so and that your electric bill is better off this way.

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Why can’t you use an extension cord on a hot tub?

Never use an extension cord for your best hot tub. The cord provided with your spa is the proper length and gauge for current to travel safely from the electrical outlet to your spa. An extension cord forces the current to travel a longer distance and may result in a voltage drop or the cord overheating.

Do you need an electrician to install a hot tub?

Hot tubs either require 110V or 220V of electricity. … If you choose a 220V model, then you will need to work with a certified electrician to ensure you have enough electricity to power the spa, and then the electrician will be required to run the appropriate wires from your electrical panel to the hot tub.

How much does it cost to run a 110v hot tub?

Your hot tub electricity cost depends on a few factors: unit price per kilowatt hour, the temperature you heat the hot tub to and how often the tub is used. In advanced testing, we have found that it typically costs less than $1 per day to run a hot tub, with more recent spa models hovering around $23 per month.

Does hot tub wiring need to be in conduit?

Hot Tub Installation Don’ts

Don’t use underground wiring below outdoor hot tubs. If space constraints prevent wiring from being at least five feet away, underground wiring should be installed in rigid metal conduit, intermediate metal conduit or a nonmetallic raceway system that is listed for direct burial.

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What is the best hot tub for the money?

With that in mind, here are the best hot tubs for your home.

  • Best Overall: American Spas 7-Person 56-Jet Hot Tub with LED Light and Stereo. …
  • Best Value: Coleman SaluSpa 6 Person Inflatable Outdoor Spa Bubble Massage Hot Tub.

Are plug and play hot tubs good in the winter?

They can be re-sited depending on the season, or even brought undercover for the winter months if you prefer. YEAR ROUND ENJOYMENT: Pretty much all plug and play hot tub models can be used outside year round no matter what the weather conditions.

How far away from house should hot tub be?

Having your hot tub right next to the wall of your home is probably too close. The steam that comes from the water may seep into windows and water splashed from the tub may cause a slippery walkway. A few feet away from your home and a few feet away from your walkway is typically the ideal combination.

Are hot tubs high maintenance?

People tell us that hot tubs are a lot of work and that is actually true. When you look at a competitor’s hot tub or one that was made years ago, they were designed to require 12 hours of maintenance, $230 worth of chemicals, and filters that cost as much as $175 per year.

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