What is lemongrass spa

How long do Lemongrass Spa Products last?

one year

How do I become a Lemongrass Spa Consultant?

In order to become a Consultant with Lemongrass Spa, an individual purchases a Success Kit and submits a Consultant Agreement to enroll. The Consultants personally sponsored by a Consultant, as well as all the Consultants they sponsor, etc. Example: You sponsor Jane, who sponsors Mary, who sponsors Tia.

When was Lemongrass Spa founded?

July 2002

How do you make lemongrass oil?

Making your own lemongrass-infused oil is really simple. All you have to do is take a few lemongrass stalks, remove the outer layer, and crush them coarsely with a mortar and pestle. Infuse this in a jar of base oil (rice bran or olive oil) of your choice, and leave it in a warm, sunny place for 48 hours.

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