What model sundance spa do i have

Where do you find the model number on a hot tub?

In your filter well (under your filter lid) is a sticker that has a serial number. Older hot tubs serial numbers are sometimes unreadable from the hot tub water. Remove the front panel of your Master Spa. On top of the large metal or plastic control pack, there will be a sticker with the serial number printed on it.

Is Jacuzzi and Sundance the same?

They are owned by the same company, which has benefited both. Sundance still has a lot of upgrades that Jacuzzi doesn’t have, but Jacuzzi has been able to use some of the technology that Sundance pioneered, making both companies better through time.

How long does a Sundance spa last?

20 years

What does flo2 mean on a Sundance spa?


What are the top 5 hot tub brands?

How do we rank the Top 20 Hot Tub Brands?

  • #1 JACUZZI® Hot Tubs and Spas – Jacuzzi®
  • #3 Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs – Hot Spring Spas.
  • #4 SUNDANCE® Spas – SUNDANCE® Spas.
  • #5 Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs – Bullfrog Spas.
  • #6 Cal Spas – Cal Spas.
  • #7 Marquis Spas – Marquis Spas.
  • #10 PDC Spas – PDC Spas.
  • #11 Maax Spas – Maax Spas.

What is the best hot tub for the money?

With that in mind, here are the best hot tubs for your home.

  • Best Overall: American Spas 7-Person 56-Jet Hot Tub with LED Light and Stereo. …
  • Best Value: Coleman SaluSpa 6 Person Inflatable Outdoor Spa Bubble Massage Hot Tub.
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Are Sundance hot tubs good?

Sundance Spas doesn’t have the entry-level hot tub options of some of the other best hot tub companies we reviewed, but we think it offers durable models which seat a good amount of people.

What is the best spa on the market?

Best hot tubs 2020

  • Sundance Spas. Simply, the best hot tub brand overall, with quality products, premium features and plenty of choice. …
  • Master Spas. A fantastic hot tub company for people who want a budget spa. …
  • Bullfrog Spas. A hot tub company that will give you the best massages. …
  • Hot Spring. …
  • PDC Spas. …
  • Cal Spas.

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Should I turn my hot tub down when not in use?

The general rule of thumb for temperature is that when not in use, the temperature should be set to about 5 degrees lower than when in use. Depending on the climate, this is necessary to keep the water warm enough to reach operating temperature quickly and without wasting energy when the time comes.

What does f4 mean on hot tub?

temperature has exceeded acceptable limit

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