Cal spa error codes

How do you reset a Cal Spa?

How to Reset a Spa Heater

  1. Locate the spa’s high-limit reset. This is a red button found on many spa packs. …
  2. Press the high-limit reset button. …
  3. Turn on your spa and observe its operation. …
  4. Flip the breaker panel switch on or press the reset button on the GFCI outlet to restore power.

How do you fix the error code on a hot tub?

DR or DRY Error Message

Like FLO issues, this can commonly be fixed by topping off your hot tub water level. DR or DRY will show up if there is little to no water travelling through your heater.28 мая 2018 г.

What does EC code mean on hot tub?

If the Ecn or Ec Message is ON Solid (Not Flashing) on the Display, the Spa is Operating in the Economy Heating Mode, but there is No current water temperature because the Spa is between Filter Cycles. Ecn or Ec is Alternating with Temp: The Spa is Operating in the “Economy” (Ecn or Ec) Heating Mode.

Where is the reset button on my hot tub?

To reset a hot tub heater you need to locate the red reset button which will probably be on the heater in the service bay of the hot tub. All you need to do is to press it to reset it and everything should be good to go.

What does SL mean on hot tub?

Sleep mode

How do I fix fl1 error on jacuzzi?

Replace UV bulb (you can get one from your authorized Jacuzzi® dealer). Reset the countdown timer when finished. When FL1 code starts flashing it means the flow switch is malfunctioning and stuck open-likely because of a dirty filter or because there is an air lock problem at the circulation pump intake.

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What does f4 mean on hot tub?

temperature has exceeded acceptable limit

What does Error 6 mean on a spa?

Thermal Cut Out/No Flow

Why is my hot tub light flashing?

It also provides a diagnostic function–a blinking power indicator indicates that the heater high limit has tripped, meaning that either the spa water is above its acceptable temperature range, or a malfunction has occurred within the spa (such as low circulation due to clogged filters).

Do hot tubs run all the time?

You need to leave it on all the time. It takes more energy to heat the hot tub than it does to leave it running all the time. So, take care in knowing that you can leave it on since it is recommended to do so and that your electric bill is better off this way.

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