Royal caribbean spa prices

Does Royal Caribbean have a spa package?

Yes, there is a spa on all Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The spa offers the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. Guests can purchase treatments such as, acupuncture, facials, massages and tooth whitening.

How much is a manicure on Royal Caribbean?

Cruise ship manicures and pedicures – the cost on most cruise ships including Royal Caribbean typically start at $50 – a premium versus at home pricing but the staff and services are top notch. They try to upsell you too once your in the Spa treatment room.

How much does a spa cost on a cruise?

The general range of Carnival Spa prices is from US$25 up to around $300, but keep in mind that the onboard facilities you’re using, besides their glamour, also have their huge cost to build.

How much is a couples massage on Royal Caribbean?

A single 50 min swedish massage is $90 but a 50 min couples massage is $269….that is 3x the cost for a single.

What is Royal Caribbean thermal suite?

Royal Caribbean offers a Thermal Suite on some of its ships, including Harmony of the Seas. … Passes can be purchased onboard the ship at the Vitality Spa, and provide unlimited access to the facilities included with the spa. The thermal suite is made up of a few areas that allow for relaxation as you see fit.

Does Vision of the Seas have a sauna?

The ship offers a large fitness area with stunning ocean views, a swimming pool with a relaxation area (“Solarium”), many sports classes (partly for a fee) such as Aerobics or Pilates, a sauna and a steam room (separated by gender).

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Are spas on cruises free?

The spas on certain cruise lines have a basic sauna that’s complimentary; it’s often found in the changing room. Sometimes, if you attend a seminar about spa treatments, such as reflexology, you’ll be given a free 10-minute treatment. But overall, the spas are there to make the cruise ships money.

How much does a massage cost on a cruise?

For passengers coming from more rural areas, or even suburban areas with Massage Envy franchises, prices could come as something of a shock. Fifty-minute Swedish massages typically cost between $120 and $180. You want hot stones, aromatherapy or deep-tissue? Be prepared to pay more.

What does Cloud 9 Spa include?

Amenities include complimentary access to the thermal suite; Cloud 9 Spa logo items, such as bathrobes, towels and slippers; a do-it-yourself scrub kit for use in the thermal suite; and fitness bands and yoga mats for use in the fitness center or your cabin.

Does full body massage include private parts?

A full-body massage doesn’t have to include your sensitive areas. You can say which parts of your body you don’t want to be touched. A full-body massage usually includes your arms, legs, hands and feet, your neck and back, your stomach and buttocks.20 мая 2013 г.

Is the gym free on Royal Caribbean?

The heart of Royal Caribbean’s fitness offerings are the gyms found onboard their cruise ships. Each gym offers passengers cardio and weight machines to get your heart pumping and muscles moving. The machines and free weights at the fitness center are free and open to all passengers. …

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