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Sundance spa troubleshooting

How do I reset my hot tub control panel?

You can reset a hot tub control panel by switching it off, waiting for between 10 and 20 seconds and then switching it back on again. If the error signal continues on the control panel then you will need to consult your hot tub manual to see what the problem is.

Why has my hot tub stopped working?

The first step to take is to check the circuit breaker panel that your hot tub is hooked up to. … If this restores power to your tub temporarily before the breaker is tripped again, consult an electrician – the problem is likely with your breaker and not your spa. If this does not fix the problem, check the GFI switch.

How long does a Sundance hot tub last?

20 years

How do I know if my heating element is bad in my hot tub?

To test hot tub heating elements for integrity, use an ohm meter on its lowest setting. With the meter’s test leads, measure the resistance between the two element terminals. The acceptable resistance range for most heaters is between 9-12Ω (ohms), some may be as high as 20Ω.

How do you troubleshoot a hot tub pump?

Troubleshooting Your Hot Tub Pump

  1. Turn down the heat so it won’t keep trying to run.
  2. Open all the jets fully.
  3. Run the jets on high for about 15 seconds.
  4. Repeat the jet bursts three times, increasing the run time by 10–15 seconds each time.
  5. When air bubbles out of the jets, leave them on until the bubbling stops.
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How do you troubleshoot a jetted tub?

How to Troubleshoot a Jetted Tub

  1. Locate your jetted tub’s user’s manual and have it handy as you troubleshoot the tub. …
  2. Check the jetted tub’s power supply and wiring. …
  3. Check the water level. …
  4. Let clogged air out of the plumbing line and filter. …
  5. Check for obstructions. …
  6. Look for closed jets.

How do you fix the error code on a hot tub?

DR or DRY Error Message

Like FLO issues, this can commonly be fixed by topping off your hot tub water level. DR or DRY will show up if there is little to no water travelling through your heater.28 мая 2018 г.

How do you fix LF error on a hot tub?

For the error messages of HFL, LF, Dr, or DRY. This means that there is a flow issue through your heater. Try and clean your filters. While cleaning your filter make sure there is no debris in your hot tub that will get sucked down into your pump.

How do I know if my hot tub circulation pump is working?

One of the best things about a hot tub circulation pump is quiet operation; they make almost no noise. Gurgling, humming or grinding noises on a spa circulation pump are good indicators of a problem.

Is it worth fixing an old hot tub?

A well made hot tub should last around 10-15 years. If your hot tub is only 5 or 6 years old, it almost always makes sense to repair it as you should have at least another 5 years life out of it. On the other hand if your hot tub 15 or more years old it is likely living on borrowed time and should probably be replaced.

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How often should you change spa water?

every three months

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