Hot springs spa cover lifter

What is the best hot tub cover lifter?

  1. Blue Wave NP5022 – Cheapest Hot Tub Cover Lifter. …
  2. Cover Valet NP509 – Best Spa Cover Lifter. …
  3. Lovatic SpaEase 200 – Best Cover Lifter for Square or Rectangle Hot Tubs. …
  4. The Cover Guy Hydraulic – Best Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifter. …
  5. Cover Valet CV400 – Lightest Spa Cover Lifter.

Do I need a hot tub cover lifter?

Absolutely, yes.” Here’s why: A good hot tub cover lifter is the key to extending the life of your cover and making your spa easier to use for the entire family. In addition to protecting your spa, a hot tub cover lifter also protects your back.

How much room do you need for a hot tub cover lifter?

This lifter is basically a powder-coated aluminum rectangle that attaches to the bottom, back side of your spa. It needs only 18 inches of clearance to work, so it’s a great solution if you’re on a budget and you don’t have a few feet to spare around your hot tub.

Can you stand on hot tub cover?

But the truth is, you should never walk or sit on your hot tub cover — no matter how much weight the manufacturer claims it will support. … The only weight that a hot tub cover is meant to support is that of snow. Some pet owners feel the weight of their dogs or cats can also be supported.

How often should you replace hot tub cover?

5-7 years

Why is hot tub cover so heavy?

The main reason why the cover gets heavier with time is that the foam core becomes waterlogged. The water that’s being soaked into the core makes the cover heavy. And once that occurs the cover becomes not effective at protecting your hot tub from the elements.

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