Ojai valley inn and spa wedding

How much is a wedding at Ojai Valley Inn?

Average base cost for a wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is calculated by figuring a 150-person guest list for a Saturday night wedding for 6 hours with the venue’s $4,000 ceremony fee, food minimums for the Anacapa Ballroom with average catering costs ($250/pp) factored in, tax and gratuity.

Where can I get married in Ojai?

Wedding Venues near Ojai, CA

  • Azu Restaurant. Ojai, CA. …
  • Brittany Davis Gallery. Ojai, CA. …
  • Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. Ojai, CA. …
  • La Dolce Vita Historic Heritage Square. (1) …
  • Circle Hub. Serving the Ojai, CA Area. …
  • Courtyard Oxnard Ventura. …
  • Beach Weddings & Parties at Ventura Harbor Village. …
  • Museum of Ventura County.

Who owns Ojai Valley Inn and Spa?

The Crown family of Chicago purchased the property and completed a $50 million dollar renovation. Golf course architect Jay Moorish was commissioned to renovate the golf course. Benchmark Spa Ojai was completed under the direction of architect Bill Mahan. The resort became known as Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

What is Ojai famous for?

Ojai is a tourism destination known for its boutique hotels, recreation opportunities, hiking, spiritual retreats and farmers’ market of local organic agriculture. It has small businesses specializing in local and ecologically friendly art, design, and home improvement.

Is it expensive to live in Ojai California?

Ojai cost of living is 168.5.

How many rooms does the Ojai Valley Inn have?


How many acres is Ojai Valley Inn?

220 acres

What celebrities live in Ojai?

Actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have sold their home in Ojai for $2.4 million. They bought the house four years ago for $2.15 million, records show. Actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, among the most active celebrities in real estate last year, have rung in the new year with yet another deal.

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Is Ojai worth visiting?

Ojai is a good place for a relaxing getaway or a romantic interlude, with just enough to do at a leisurely pace. If you’re a photographer, the oak trees, mountains, and orange groves provide plenty of things to point your lens at. And the annual “pink moment” could be worth planning a trip around.

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