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Who owns Pool and Spa Depot?

Peter von Hopffgarten

Is a swim spa better than a pool?

Obviously, a swim spa will have much smaller space requirements than a pool, making it more flexible and convenient. You can install a swim spa inside or outside, above ground or inground, or even on a reinforced deck. Thanks to its smaller size, a swim spa is also mobile, so you don’t have to lose your investment.

How much does it cost to add a spa to your pool?

Cost of adding a spa

How much does it cost to add a spa to a pool project? It would probably add between $10,000 and $18,000. And once again, I know that’s a huge range. The reason for that is because you can add a water feature so that the water is connected to the spa.

Can a spa be used as a pool?

A spa is a practical alternative to a pool

Speaking of pools, a hot tub or swim spa offers a much more affordable alternative to a traditional pool with far less maintenance. … Hot tubs and swim spas take up less space, are easier to install, and are better at retaining their value.

Is a swim spa worth the money?

Many people ask themselves if it’s worth it to invest in a swim spa. … You might even be looking at installing a swim spa as a way to improve the value of your home. In many cases, an excellent swim spa installation can indeed boost the value and appeal of your property, making it a very solid investment for your home.

What is the best swim spa to buy?

Best swim spa 2020: Spas from top brands, at the best price for you

  • PDC Spas swim spas. PDC Spas has the biggest and best selection of swim spas. …
  • Endless Pools swim spas. Endless Pools is a great value option where you can see a price quote right away. …
  • SwimEx swim spas. …
  • Hydropool swim spas. …
  • Arctic Spas swim spas.
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How much does a 12 x24 inground pool cost?

The average cost of an inground, 12’x24′ fiberglass pool is around $50,000.

Are infinity edge pools more expensive?

An infinity pool typically costs 20 percent more than a regular pool if you have the infinity edge on one side. If you have an infinity edge on more than one side of the pool, the cost percentage increases.

Are kidney shaped pools more expensive?

Costs here can vary based not only on the size but also the shape of the pool. Typical costs for a kidney-shaped insert run about $2,000 dollars more than a rectangle version.

Is pool and spa chlorine the same?

What is the Difference Between Pool and Hot Tub Chlorine? … For one, swimming pools have a much larger volume of water, so dumping concentrated liquid chlorine into a swimming pool doesn’t have the same, immediate effect as in a hot tub. So, the volume of water is one major difference.

Can I use spa chemicals in my pool?

Ultimately, pool and spa chemicals are not the same. In fact, using pool chemicals in your hot tub can cause a lot of damage to both the spa itself and the people who use it. Always read the instructions on the chemical packages and consult with a professional if you have any questions.5 мая 2016 г.

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