Spa receptionist job description

What are the duties of a spa receptionist?

The Spa Front Desk Receptionist’s responsibilities include the greeting of all guests, answering phone calls, assisting guests with questions regarding spa services and products, booking all appointments, checking the guest into the computer system and charging for services performed.

How do I become a good spa receptionist?

As a spa receptionist, you are often the first point of contact for new and returning clients, so you must communicate in a warm, personable, and helpful manner. You should also be knowledgeable about the different products and services your spa offers and be able to answer any questions clients have.

How do you describe a receptionist job?

Receptionist Job Responsibilities:

Serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately. Notifies company personnel of visitor arrival. Maintains security and telecommunications system. Informs visitors by answering or referring inquiries.

What are the qualities of a good receptionist?

As you make your hiring criteria more specific, be sure you include the following six traits as you look to fill the job of a receptionist:

  • Effective communication. …
  • Professionalism. …
  • Interpersonal aplomb. …
  • Multitasking capabilities. …
  • Organizational abilities. …
  • Technical prowess.

What are spa workers called?

People employed by spas are massage therapists, aestheticians, nail technicians, and assistants.

What is the job description of a spa manager?

Spa Managers oversee all aspects of the operations of beauty, health and wellness spas. Their core duties include managing staff, overseeing facility maintenance, developing budgets and creating marketing and promotions campaigns.

What is the most important skill that is required of a receptionist?

Interview Question: Talking About What the Most Important Skill is for You as a Receptionist. Receptionists should have outstanding communication, interpersonal, customer service, and organizational skills. They spend most of their time dealing with a wide variety of guests and visitors.

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How do you get a job at a spa?

Train in the specialty of your choice.

  1. Massage therapists work independently and they are hired by spas. …
  2. Attend cosmetology school. …
  3. Train as an esthetician. …
  4. Learn to be a nail technician or manicurist. …
  5. Earn a degree in business administration if you want to be a spa manager.

How can I be a better receptionist?

Equip your company with the following receptionist tips and tricks to make sure all of your callers have a great first impression.

  1. Smile Often. …
  2. Avoid Eating & Chewing Gum. …
  3. Refrain From Using Mobile Devices. …
  4. Keep a Message Pad Handy. …
  5. Take a Breath. …
  6. Use the Caller’s Name. …
  7. Be Polite & Use Pleasantries. …
  8. Avoid Saying “I don’t know”

What is expected of a receptionist?

The business duties of a receptionist may include answering visitors’ enquiries about a company and its products or services, directing visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls on multi-line telephones or, earlier in the 20th century, a switchboard, setting appointments, …

What is required of a receptionist?

Although hiring requirements vary by industry and employer, receptionists typically need a high school diploma and good communication skills. Receptionists typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, and employers may prefer to hire candidates who have experience with certain computer software applications.

How do you describe a receptionist on a resume?

Duties of a Receptionist may include:

  • Greeting and welcoming guests and providing them with a positive first impression of the organization.
  • Directing guests and answering their questions.
  • Notifying other workers of visitor arrival.
  • Maintaining security and telecommunications systems.
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What are your strengths as a receptionist?

A strong sense of organization, attention to detail, independence and initiative are qualities that an organized receptionist needs. A receptionist who takes on multiple responsibilities and challenges and meets all his deadlines and job requirements will be known as a reliable and dependable worker inside the company.

Why should we hire you as a receptionist?

I possess effective business communication skills and can easily interact with a wide variety of personalities over the phone and in person so I have no doubt that I will represent the company in the best possible manner. It is crucial that the customer experiences great service from the receptionist.

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